What the Dentists Don’t Tell You!

What the Dentists Don’t Tell You!

So today, it’s all about teeth!

In my wildest dreams I never thought I would be talking to anyone about dental hygiene, but as always, a common theme led me to this topic – chemicals.

Did you know that there are lots of dangerous chemicals in toothpaste?

Here goes the list of typical toothpaste nasties! 

Tin is found in one of the three kinds of recognized fluorides used in toothpaste, under the name stannous fluoride.

Numerous research indicates that tin can cause:

Reduced sperm metabolism (infertiiity)
Hematological (blood system) challenges
Has been found to be extremely toxic to human embryonic kidney cells
Is thought to affect energy metabolism and stall brain function

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS):

Anyone who read my email 2 would have read what I had to say about Sodium lauryl sulfate: if you can’t remember what was said I recommend you go back and take the time to read about this deadly ingredient again…. It is a surfactant, detergent and emulsifier used in thousands of cosmetic products, including toothpastes as well as in industrial cleaners.

Possible side effects include:

• Irritation of the skin and eyes
• Organ toxicity
• Developmental/reproductive toxicity
• Neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, ecotoxicology, and biochemical or cellular changes
• Possible mutations and cancer

SLS has become a chemical pariah and a lot of companies are dropping it into toothpastes as a thickening/lathering agent. Remember, even some “natural” toothpastes still contain SLS and your only true guarantee is if the product is certified organic.


Don’t get me started on this one….. I recently did a post on my website:www.theresekerr.com/fluoride-friend-or-foe/

Did you know that Fluoride is a chemical waste product? Did you know that no one knew quite what to do with fluoride so the Governments decided in their wisdom to put it in our waterways and in our toothpaste – go figure!. When you get time, you might want to look at this site: www.fluoridealert.org/articles/phosphate01/

Did you also know that most toothpaste’s on the market contain fluoride and that it is a mandatory requirement by the FDA in America that all toothpastes containing fluoride contain a poison warning and yet most unsuspecting parents allow their children to suck on toothbrushes ingesting this insidious ingredient on a regular basis?

The health risks that are said to be associated with fluoride are:

Permanent tooth discoloration (dental fluorosis), stomach ailments, acute toxicity, skin rashes (perioral dermatitis), and impairment in glucose metabolism. Fluoride is also believed to simultaneously increase glucose levels and decrease insulin.

So here’s another nasty ingredient found in toothpastes….

Artificial Sweeteners:

Don’t you just love the artificial sweeteners and dyes in commercially available toothpastes and so many foods as well? Aspartame is used in toothpaste to sweeten them and to make them more palatable, but at what cost?

Many toothpastes contain artificial sweeteners and colors to make them taste better and look “minty fresh” and attractive especially to young children. The colours added to toothpastes are also dangerous, in fact, some colours are banned in certain countries.

Here is the lowdown on aspartame, nutrasweet and the like, Remember there isn’t a safe “artificial anything” in my opinion.

Most people have hopefully by now heard of Aspartame. It is also commonly known as Equal, Splenda, Nutrasweet, Sweet N Low and sadly, what most people don’t know is that it is an Excitotoxin. If you haven’t heard of this, you can take a look on my website:www.theresekerr.com/artificial-sweeteners-the-truth/ and find out just how poisonous this insidious chemical is.

An Excitotoxin as stated by Elaine Hollingsworth is “a chemical that stimulates the neurons in the brain to excessive firing, which then totally fatigues and sometimes kills them, leading to serious diseases”.

All “diet” drinks, that I am aware of contain aspartame or artificial sweeteners, therefore, in my opinion, all diet drinks should be avoided.

Have you heard of Triclosan? If not, listen up….


Is an ingredient you should definitely know about and it is not just found in toothpaste.

Triclosan is a registered pesticide. It is an antimicrobial active ingredient contained in a variety of products where it acts to slow or stop the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mildew. It is also apparently used in toothpaste to stop gingivitis.

Brushing your teeth with any toothpaste containing Triclosan can expose you to the harmful effects which include impaired heart and muscle function and hypothyroidism.

So, now you know why I have developed a certified organic toothpaste of my own? I couldn’t find one that I was happy with so I developed a gentle, all-natural, certified organic, antibacterial, antifungal, naturally sweetened, wonderfully tasting (with organic stevia) tooth mousse that I feel you will love. When I went through my own personal health crisis, I couldn’t find a certified organic toothpaste that I could stomach knowing how many chemicals were contained within.

Why is my toothpaste called a tooth mousse instead of toothpaste? Because it doesn’t contain the usual fillers and it is a smoother consistency than the average toothpaste. It is gentle on your teeth and gums and leaves your mouth feeling totally refreshed. To find out more about the Divine By Therese Kerr Tooth Mousse, click here…

“Because we are on the subject of oral care, I wanted to share a couple of my favourite tips with you, tips for great dental and oral care….

Have you heard of a tongue scraper? If not, you should look at investing in one. Tongue scrapers are a great way to remove the toxins that your body eliminates from your digestive system onto your tongue overnight while you are sleeping.

I personally use a tongue scraper every morning. I then rinse my mouth and then I do an Ayruvedic practice called Oil Pulling and I do this by putting approximately 2 teaspoons of certified organic coconut oil into my mouth. For around 20 minutes (depending on time availability) I leave the certified organic coconut oil in my mouth, swish it around through my teeth and over my gums. The antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial ingredients in the coconut oil ensure my gums, inside my mouth and teeth remain healthy. I have even noticed my teeth are so much whiter.”

I was thinking of what affirmation I could leave you with today that would make the biggest difference to you and your life and I thought of this….

“I am stronger than I can possibly imagine. My body surprises me every day with its wisdom and as I grow in the knowledge of how to support my health, I embrace the learning and welcome the opportunity.”

Written by Therese Kerr