Why is Certified Organic the only guarantee?

The Basic facts:

• Most conventional personal and haircare products contain hormone disruptors. i.e. chemicals that impact our endocrine system and wreck havoc in our bodies. Research has shown that Parabens impact the endocrine system greatly.

• In a study reported by Dr Mercola (one of the world’s most recognized natural health websites) 99% of women with breast cancer had Parabens present in their breasts.

• Parabens can be found in personal, skin and hair care products. Deodorants and antiperspirants are some of the primary sources of parabens but given that even people who reportedly never use them still had parabens in their breast tissue clearly demonstrates that these chemicals, regardless of what products they're added to, can, and apparently will, accumulate in breast tissue.

• Dr Mercola also states: “It is important to recognize that whatever you spread on your skin can be absorbed into your body and potentially cause serious damage over time.”

• The liver of most human beings living in the Western World is ill-equipped to handle the toxic load placed upon it each and every day.

• Propylene Glycol. Despite the fact the material safety data sheet warns users to avoid skin contact with propylene glycol as it is a strong skin irritant and can also cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage, is a common ingredient in shampoos.

• Other than under the tongue one of the areas of the body that absorbs chemicals most quickly is the scalp.

• On average most women put around 250 - 500+ chemicals on their skin a day.

* 60 to 70% of everything we put on our skin will be absorbed into our bloodstream and organs.
* Most skincare, personal and haircare products contain TEAs, DEAs, Sulfates, Glycols, Parabens, Synthetic and Artificial ingredients, Ethoxylates, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde derivatives.

• When we shower the pores of our skin are opened by the warm water. We place products with vast chemicals in them on our body and on our heads not understanding the impact of that. Some products including hair care have what is known as penetration enhancers as ingredients. Research is showing that some of the ingredients have the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and that in itself is frightening and that is why it is so important to only use certified organic products and nothing else.

Certified Organic products are true representations of nature and are the consumers ONLY guarantee that the products they are purchasing are free from ALL nasty ingredients. It is also important to understand that by using and consuming certified organic products you are not only supporting your own health but also the health of the environment and that is vitally important for the generations that follow.So what’s the difference between Organic and Non-organic?

There is a huge misrepresentation in the world as to the use of the word “organic”. In most countries a company can claim something is “organic” if it contains one “naturally occurring ingredient”, and yet it can literally contain hundreds of chemicals and still be classed as “organic”.

Certified Organic, on the other hand is the only guarantee a consumer has in relation to the products not containing the standard nasty and dangerous ingredients commonly found in conventional products.

Certified Organic ingredients are certified GMO free and cannot contain insecticides or pesticides. Traceability in relation to every ingredient and aspect of the manufacturing process is paramount. From pre-planting and preparation of the soil through to dispatch of the end product via the warehouse, certification ensures the consumer gets what they are paying for.”

We have a choice in life to be happy and healthy. Being aware of what goes into the products we use and how they affect us is critical to our wellbeing. Choosing certified organic gives me the confidence to know that someone is looking out for me and when I buy certified organic I am choosing my health and happiness….

Article is from Therese Kerr from Divine By Therese Kerr
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