Dreamy Moonstone

Dreamy Moonstone


Pay attention to your dreams at the moment, you have been receiving messages to the questions you have asked. Our subconscious mind uses our dream state to remind us what we have forgotten. Daydreams are also important, do not dismiss them. When we are in the dream state the ego is quiet and our soul takes centre stage. Let her blossom and see the magic she can create.

Associated Crystal : Moonstone

It is the stone of the moon goddesses, therefore it will help us to connect to the cycles and the power of the moon. Moonstone can also help us to release any  tension we may be carrying, it will balance our emotions and also help us to get in touch with our feminine side. Finally it will increase our imagination and  help to strengthen our intuition.


Start a dream journal, a good tip is to keep a notepad and pen next to your bed, jot down any notes upon waking during the night. Use this as a reference to help decipher the messages in your dreams.


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